The following paragraphs detail Plastic Surgical Masters’ practice polices. All patients booking surgery with Plastic Surgical Masters sign a copy of them at the time of booking surgery.

Surgical “Consent”
The issues surrounding “informed consent” are complex. Plastic Surgical Masters believes that it is your responsibility to ensure you have had all of your questions and concerns answered prior to having a procedure performed. It is Plastic Surgical Masters duty to openly and fully discuss the relevant surgical issues with you before consenting to perform the procedure you are requesting.

You have had one or more thorough consultations to discuss the surgery to be performed. Whenever possible, written information about the procedure was supplied to you at the time of the consultation. The consultation and examination was followed up with a letter summarising the issues and findings discussed during the consultation (including the risks, potential complications and costs). You have been offered the opportunity to schedule further consultations for clarification.

This Policies form is included in your comprehensive “surgical package” which includes details of the procedure scheduled, pre-operative preparation, what happens on the day of surgery, post-operative instructions, payment options, etc. Also included is a copy of your Request for Surgery form for you to read and contemplate in your own time – giving you time to formulate any further questions. You will be seen prior to your operation at which time your Request for Surgery (“consent”) form will be counter signed.

Smoking increases the rate of surgical complications and healing problems. Plastic Surgical Masters advises every patient to cease all smoking, both active and passive, for one month pre-operatively and not to recommence until at least one month after their wounds are fully healed.

Patients who continue to smoke and/or who smoke post-operatively, fully accept responsibility for the costs of any extra treatment required due to complications, related to smoking or not.

If a patient, specifically requested not to smoke, continues to do so, then Plastic Surgical Masters reserves the right to decline to operate for failure to comply and to invoke the Cancellation clauses detailed below.

Pre-operative weight gain
Pre-operative Weight Gain Your weight at the time of your consultation(s) was one of the important determinants taken into account whilst developing your quote. Your weight will be taken at the hospital on the day of your surgery. Any pre-operative weight gain will necessitate a price increase which will be billed after your surgery.

Timing of payments
All cosmetic surgery is paid for a minimum of two weeks in advance.

A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required within one week of scheduling surgery.

The balance of the surgical payment must be received and processed 2 weeks prior to your surgery or your surgical time may be offered to other patients. Please remember to allow extra time for cheques to clear, the post and for amounts in excess of your daily online transfer limits.

Scheduling surgery requires careful planning and coordination between Plastic Surgical Masters, your anaesthetist, Southern Cross Hospital and their operating room staff. In addition, special medical instrumentation is prepared and sterilised for each individual procedure. Individualised implants may need to be ordered and purchased. Therefore, please understand the importance of respecting our cancellation policy.

Cancellations and/or postponements made with less than two weeks notice will incur a 25% penalty of the total surgical cost.
Cancellations and/or postponements made less than one week prior to surgery will incur a 50% penalty of the total surgical cost.
Cancellations and/or postponements due to non-compliance with written pre-operative instructions (including failure to observe the starvation period requested) will incur a 50% penalty of the total surgical cost.
Plastic Surgical Masters will be the sole arbitrator as to whether these clauses are invoked, in part or in full, in any given situation and reserves the right to not re-appoint you to another surgical time.

Follow-up appointments
Your operative pack details your anticipated standard follow-up appointments. Plastic Surgical Masters may charge for any additional unplanned follow-up appointments required, particularly when the patient smokes.

Unfavourable Outcomes
Every effort is made to ensure the best surgical outcome for every patient, but from time to time complications and poor outcomes do occur. These unfortunate events are stressful for everyone concerned, particularly because they frequently require additional time and financial input from the patient.

When an unfavourable outcome is due to a recognised risk of the procedure (e.g. breast implant capsular contracture), Plastic Surgical Masters may charge for the time involved in further treatment. Should surgery be required then the patient will also be responsible for the associated costs (e.g. operating facility, anaesthetist, consumables used, etc.).
If the unfavourable outcome is due to a technical error by the surgeon, then Plastic Surgical Masters will not charge a fee for its correction. The patient may still face additional fees from the operating facility, anaesthetist, consumables used, etc.

Plastic Surgical Masters accepts no responsibility for any complications in patients who smoke or who fail to comply with post-operative instructions.

Insurance Company Prior Approvals for Surgery
Although you may proceed with surgery prior to discussing your case with your insurance company, where applicable Plastic Surgical Masters advises patients to seek pre-approval for surgery related expenses whenever possible – this will clarify your level of coverage and speed up your reimbursement claim.