Risks and Complications

Before deciding to proceed with surgery, every patient needs to thoroughly consider the risks, as well as the benefits, of surgery. During your pre-operative consultation(s), Mr Masters will openly discuss the risks of the procedures you are contemplating with you so that you can consider them.   There are two broad groupings of surgical risks; those that pertain to surgery in general (which are discussed below) and those specific to the procedure being performed (discussed on the pages associated with the procedure).

Generalised surgical risks include:

  • Bleeding – usually occurs within the first 24-48 hours of the procedure and may require a return to the operating room. A quiet, restful post-operative period will help to avoid this problem.
  • Bruising – whenever possible, Dr Masters uses medications and techniques that help to avoid post-operative bruising. The appropriate use of Arnica may help to speed the resolution of bruising.
  • Infection – surgical incisions, even though created in ideal circumstances, can become infected.  When appropriate, antibiotics will be prescribed to lower this risk.
  • Unfavourable scarring – every surgical incision results in a scar. It is Dr Masters’ role to maximise the quality of your scars and, whenever possible, to hide them in natural skin creases, etc.