Skin cancer surgery

What happens at your consultation?

Dr Masters will take a thorough history of the lesion you are concerned about – how long it has been present, growth rate, bleeding, colour changes, etc.  He will also discuss your skin and general medical histories.  Using a ‘dermatoscope’ (a hand held instrument for magnified viewing of the lesion) the lesion will be examined.

A complete head to toe check of your skin to ensure there are no other potentially dangerous lesions that you are unaware of is also usually conducted.

Following this examination process any treatment recommendations will be discussed with you (not all lesions require surgery!) and where appropriate the lesion can usually be removed at the same consultation.


Skin cancer surgery

Should a minor procedure be recommended to remove the lesion(s) this can usually be done at the time of the initial consultation. The entire process, consultation and local anaesthetic surgery, taking around one hour.